Along with towing services Balaji Crane Service also provide recovery services, Recovery service is required when you are stuck with an immovable vehicle which can not be towed. In such cases a third vehicle is required which can carry the affected vehicle to the garage.

When a car meets with an accident the car suffers a major damage and is not in a condition to move at all. Also some times in the event of accident the car falls of the road from where to bring the car back on the driving surface a recovery vehicle and a Hydraulic Crane is needed. Also when a car breaks down means a car can not be driven either because of the locking of the engine or activation of engine immobilizer or any such episode can be the reason. To get the vehicle back to the running state one needs to get the vehicle to the garage and for this reason a recovery service vehicle is needed, a recovery vehicle is basically a recovery truck or a recovery van. In any such encountered event Balaji Crane Service help you by providing a Crane basically a Hydraulic Crane which lifts the vehicle and places it back on the platform of the recovery vehicle from where the professionals carefully lock the vehicle on the recovery van securing it from all sides and take it to a garage where it can be repaired.

We provide Recovery facility, Towing, and Roadside assistance services in and around the following cities- Sanchore, Sirohi, Sumerpur, Sum, Sojat, Barmer, Abu Road, Pali, Phalodi, Pokran, Balotra, Bhinmal, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Nagour.

Balaji Crane Service excels in taking care of all the car and two wheeler related issues and online recovery service. Let it be a roadside assistance or let it be any kind of towing facility Balaji Crane Services does it in the best possible way and in a pocket friendly manner.

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