Balaji Crane Services offers Lockout facility along with other variety of services in reference to two wheelers and four wheelers. One of the very common issues is getting locked out of the car. And why only care it can be also a scenario where you can loose your bike keys too.

These days the cars are all hi-tech and comes with a feature called as auto lock feature, this is a very beneficial feature today but also at times causes a lot of problem called being Lockout problem. One of the very common problems encountered these days are sometimes the car keys are inside the car and after some time the car gets auto locked, or you accidently put the car keys with other luggage in the boot and lock the boot. Another problem is that the remote sensor stops working and you don’t have a manual key to open or operate the car, the car key set has also become hi-tech to avoid theft hence a minute damage to the keys may cause the car to lockout itself down. And it is also possible that you might end up losing your car keys, in all such cases you become helpless and get stuck on the highway for this Balaji Crane Service offers the facility of car lockout. In the car lockout when received a call from the customer the mechanic asks the make and model of the car, if by making a duplicate key the car can be operated they will bring in the lockout kit with them and make a key for you and get your car lock open, if it is a computerised car then they have few softwares with the help of which the locks can be opened. If no such option can be used then the final option will be to tow the car to the garage.

We provide Lockout service, Towing, Roadside assistance and Recovery services in and around the following cities- Sanchore, Sirohi, Sumerpur, Sum, Sojat, Barmer, Balotra, Bhinmal, Abu Road, Pali, Phalodi, Pokran, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Nagour.

Balaji Crane Service is known for its best network of roadside assistance for lockout, if you get stuck on a highway which comes in the region as described above you will find no one as good as Balaji Crane Service. It is a one stop solution for all your car problems when on a highway.

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