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Started in the year 2001 under the guidance of Mr. Arvind Choudhary and Mr. Anil Choudhary, Balaji Crane services is one of the best and renowned organizations when it comes to serving the customers looking for any kind of Towing Services, Recovery services and Roadside Assistance. After the years of experience and serving thousands of customers, Balaji Crane services has now incorporated technology with it for offering online and instant solutions to its customers.

While travelling, people may face impediments and in any situation of such trouble, they do look forward to having a prompt service from a reliable and responsible firm which not only understands customer’s problems but also provide supreme quality service at an affordable price. The working staff at Balaji Crane Services are fully skilled to their job and friendly in nature. They provide complete assistance and deliver their job without compromising the quality and on time delivery.

Our services are of supreme quality and most affordable in the industry; our services incorporate the following:

  • Towing: In case of any obstruction caused due to which vehicles cannot move further, towing is the best option to safeguard the vehicle and proceed, Balaji Crane Services excel in this with best of four wheeler towing services.
  • Jump Start: A frequent hindrance faced by many people during long distance journeys is immense loss of battery due to which the engine fails to start and the alternative is to get an assistance for jump start.
  • Tyres: Tyre changing and tyre replacement is also an important section of our services; whatever be the type of your vehicle, Balaji Crane Services is there to help you repair or replace it.
  • Lockout: Sometimes the automatic keys lose their battery and the doors fail to open, or in case you lock doors of car and forget key inside car. In any of the situation, Balaji Crane Services provide a complete solution to lockout.
  • Recovery: Balaji Crane Services offers solutions to relocate immovable vehicles from and to any destination.
  • Fuel Delivery: Fuel delivery is important for people struck with fuel shortage and Balaji Crane Services delivers the fuel at the time of urgency.
  • Driver: We do also provide drivers if required and this is one of the most prominent services offered by us.
  • Two Wheeler Towing: Balaji Crane services also assist with two wheeler towing facility.
  • Hydra Services: Hydra cranes are used in a situation where normal cranes fail to support; we do provide this service as well.

Balaji Crane services is expanding in the areas where they are active with their service and constantly striving to encompass majority of the area to assist the people in best possible ways. Currently our services are active in the cities in Rajasthan such as Sanchore, Sum, Sirohi, Sumerpur, Sojat, Abu Road, Pali, Pokran, Balotra, Bhinnmal, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Nagaur.

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